Realistic Nursery Drawer Organization

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If you read my Nursery Tour post, you know that we use a dresser instead of a changing table in our two month old’s nursery. Before Harper was born, the dresser drawers were perfectly organized straight out of Pinterest. You’ve all seen the pictures – the neatly folded onesies and beautifully rolled pants. Sometimes I would just sit in the nursery and look through the beautiful drawers of baby girl’s tiny little clothes (don’t judge, nesting makes you do crazy things!).  But once Harper was born, I quickly discovered that these Pinterest pictures are not realistic! First, if you’re a mom that has time to sit and fold onesies then you are #momgoals and I aspire to be you one day. Please be my friend and teach me your ways. Second, as soon as you take something from its designated spot in the drawer, the rest of your stack falls over into a big sloppy mess. Ain’t nobody got time for that…

So here are my tips for organizing your nursery dresser drawers so they actually function.



Okay, this one seems painfully obvious, right? Your most used items in any dresser should get prime real estate. In a dresser that doubles as a changing station, that will be your diapering products. Our top drawer is the home to our diapers, wipes, and diaper creams. Bonus tip: we also keep a stack of puppy potty pads in this drawer for those diaper changes you just know are gonna be extra messy. They keep my pretty changing pad cover nice and clean and can just be tossed afterwards (because who needs more laundry?). And they are a third of the price you’ll pay for disposable changing pads marketed for babies! Anyone else love a good savings?

This drawer can quickly accumulate lots of tiny miscellaneous items, and you’ll need a way to keep them all organized. Which leads me to my next tip…


I feel like I need to explain the gloves in this picture. This drawer is right next to the diaper drawer and my daughter is the blowout queen. I’ll leave it at that…

If you don’t already know, the Dollar Tree is a hidden gem for organizational products. That’s where I found those slotted white bins in the diaper drawer. They come in packs of THREE for only $1 (!!!) and they are perfect for every drawer in your house. You seriously need these! I also use them in Harper’s bathroom drawers and in my office to keep writing utensils organized. They are super lightweight, so you may want to stick some Velcro on the bottom to keep them from shifting around.

I also love these drawer organizers from Ikea. They are so affordable and will last you several years (my husband and I have been using the same sets in our dressers for the past 8 years). These organizers are perfect for small baby clothing items like socks and mittens. The large size is great for things like bibs that don’t need to be folded, but need to be contained to one space.


As much as I love seeing drawers where every item is folded to the exact same tiny size, it’s just too difficult to maintain. Sticking to one fold per item helps me keep things like sleepers and onesies in nice, neat stacks without spending 3 years folding every load of laundry. Yes please!


Many people struggle with keeping stacks of clothing tidy because clean laundry gets placed on top, then they have to dig to the bottom to find an item that hasn’t been worn recently.  My solution – put clothes in rotation! When I put away a load of laundry, I place clean clothes on the bottom of the stack. Or you can put them in the back of the drawer and rotate them forward, which is what I do with onesies in the drawer above. This works especially well when your baby has more clothes than Kim Kardashian and you want her to wear everything at least once before she outgrows it (confessions of a shopaholic – sorry, not sorry).

That’s it! Remember, when it comes to drawers, choose function over aesthetics. What are your favorite drawer organizing products?

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