Newborn Must Haves

Lately I’ve received a lot of questions from expecting mamas about my must have newborn products. My baby girl will be 12 weeks old tomorrow, and I remember trying to register and being so overwhelmed with how many products there are currently on the market. I spent countless hours researching all of the products that every registry checklist says you’ll need. How do I decide between a rocker and a swing and a bouncer? In most cases, I just guessed on what I would need. Now looking back, I wish I would’ve spent less time looking at all the specs and more time just talking to actual moms about the products they love. And that led me to write this post. I’m going to share with you my top 10 newborn must haves. These are all products that I actually own, use, and recommend. Life with a newborn is hard, but these products have truly made the last 12 weeks a lot easier.


My daughter practically lived in these for the first few weeks. With a newborn, you will be changing a lot of diapers. A LOT. Clothes with zippers make diaper changes so much easier, especially during the middle of the night. Don’t even bother with snaps!


I mentioned this in my Nursery Drawer Organization post, but we use puppy potty pads as disposable changing pads. They are so much less expensive than the disposable changing pads marketed for babies and are perfect for protecting your changing table from extra messy diaper situations. They’re also great to keep in your bedroom. Trust me, you do not want any diaper mishaps when changing a diaper on your bed in the middle of the night. Get these and I promise you’ll do less laundry!


When it comes to diaper pails, this one is on the pricier side. But you don’t need to buy special liners for it, just use trash bags! You’ll save money over time without the added expense of liners. And even better, this diaper pail is made of steel that doesn’t absorb odor like plastic diaper pails. It contains odor so well that you would never know there was a diaper pail in our nursery!


I am so glad I decided on a backpack diaper bag instead of a traditional one. I love my diaper bag! It is comfortable to wear, has plenty of room, and comes with stroller straps that easily attach to any stroller. If you’re on the fence and think you may want to try both a backpack and a traditional bag, here is a super affordable backpack option.


Trimming a newborn’s nails can be a very nerve racking experience, so most parents choose to file them instead. Do you know how long it takes to file a baby’s nails with a tiny little nail file? I’ll tell you – too long. You’ll save so much time with this product, I promise! It even comes with multiple attachments to switch out as baby gets older.


If you’re planning on bottle feeding, a bottle sterilizer is a major time saver. Ours sterilizes in the microwave in just 2 minutes! You can also use it to sterilize pacifiers and breast pump parts.


All you pumping mamas need a hands free pumping bra! I love this one because of the Velcro panel in the back that allows you to adjust it to your perfect size. Once the Velcro is set where you need it, the zipper makes it easy to quickly put it on or take it off.


Harper takes the best naps in her rock ‘n play. In fact, she’s napping in it as I write this post! I had friends who purchased the Mamaroo only to find their baby hated it. I didn’t want to splurge on a product that might not work for us, so I decided we’d start with the rock ‘n play. It worked like a charm! There are several different rock ‘n play options to choose from, but I would definitely recommend going with one that at least has the auto rock feature. We went a step further and got the one with Smart Connect. It syncs with your phone and allows you to adjust the settings right from the app.


Everyone raves about the Dock a Tot, but it is so expensive and I just couldn’t justify the cost on something I wasn’t sure we’d use. We don’t co-sleep with Harper, so I found the Boppy Newborn Lounger to be a super affordable alternative. While it isn’t recommended for sleeping, it is perfect for safely keeping the baby wherever you are. I put Harper in her Boppy on the kitchen counter when I fold laundry, on the table when we eat dinner, and on the couch at night while my husband and I hang out. It’s also great for tummy time and bottle feeding.


I was hesitant to include the Owlet in this list because it’s pricey and definitely isn’t a necessity for most people. But this product is a definite must have for me so I have to share it with you. As a first time mom, I found myself waking up at every little sound Harper would make throughout the night. And if you don’t know, newborns make a lot of little noises when they sleep. After we started using the Owlet, I was able to sleep so much better! The Owlet monitors baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you if the readings fall outside the normal range. It gives me peace of mind, which makes it worth the price tag for me. The Owlet comes with three different sock sizes to use as baby grows. We’re still on the smallest size after 12 weeks, so I know we’ll get a lot more use out of it.


Here’s a bonus must have for all my fellow girl moms. When Harper was born, all of her headbands were too big. So my sweet cousin sent me these and they fit perfectly! These are the best bows for newborn baby girls. The nylon headband is soft and stretchy, and they are super affordable!

Do you have a must have baby product that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below and let me know what it is!

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