Organizing on a Budget

Last week I went to Target to quickly return something (let’s all laugh together…). Approximately 45 minutes and 1 caramel macchiato later, I found myself in the Storage and Organization section. I have a closet that could use some TLC, so I was browsing the storage bins. I quickly realized it would cost me a small fortune just to organize my closet with some bins. Not today, Target. Not today. If there’s one thing I love more than a clean, organized space, it’s a good deal – and Target’s organizational products just don’t cut it for me. So today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite budget-friendly products for organizing!


We all have it – that one drawer in your kitchen collecting random junk that hasn’t found a home anywhere else. These organizers are perfect for that drawer! There’s a size for everything and they lock together to prevent shifting.

2. CABINET SHELF – $8.92

This shelf is marketed for storing dishes, and it would certainly work well for that (especially if your cabinet space is limited!). But my favorite use for this is actually storing baby shoes! It fits right into the cubbie shelving unit in Harper’s closet and lets me utilize all the vertical space.


Hanging shelves are such a versatile organizational product! I use them to store folded sweaters, but I also use them as a make-shift linen closet in my guest room. If you’re short on closet space, these are a must!

4. MAIL SORTER – $7.95

Who wants to pay bills right when they walk in the door? Not this girl. I had a bad habit of dropping mail on the counter and leaving it for hours until I was ready to take care of it. A mail sorter was the perfect solution! It gives me the freedom to come back to my mail later without cluttering my kitchen counters in the meantime. Anything that needs to be paid goes in one slot, then it moves to another slot when it’s paid and ready to be filed. I found ours at Home Goods, but Amazon has a really great budget-friendly option (linked above).


Now that we have a little one, managing our schedules has definitely been more challenging. This magnetic dry erase calendar is perfect for us. It lives right on the side of our refrigerator so we can easily reference it each day. It even comes with markers that are perfect for color coordinating.


I use under cabinet drawers everywhere possible! In the bathroom, they perfectly store hair products and styling tools. In the kitchen, they’re great for cleaning products. I’ve even used them at the bottom of a linen closet to store extra toilet paper.

7. STORAGE BINS – $3.83/each

Storage bins are probably my favorite organization product! If you saw my Nursery Tour post, you know I’m a huge fan of cubbie shelving units. These bins fit perfectly in them and are great for storing clothes, toys, blankets, etc. I also use storage bins at the top of my closets and in bathroom cabinets when a drawer unit won’t fit. The bins I was eyeing at Target? They were $10 each! This 6 piece set on Amazon is such a steal!

8. UNDER SHELF BASKETS – $15.87 (2 pack)

Here’s another versatile product for ya…under cabinet shelf baskets! If you can’t tell, I’m all about utilizing vertical space and these are another great solution to do that. I use them to store my Tupperware lids in the kitchen and to store wash cloths in our linen closet.

9. VACUUM STORAGE BAGS – $16.99 (6 pack)

I live in Florida where it’s summer year round (except when it’s actually summer and we enter the “I-am-melting” season). I don’t need two different wardrobes, but vacuum storage bags would be perfect for those of you who do! I personally used them to store my maternity clothes and baby clothes that Harper’s grown out of. They just slide under the bed out of the way.

10. CHALKBOARD LABELS – $7.98 (14 pack)

Here she goes again with the storage bins… I know, but seriously y’all, you need them! These chalkboard labels are my favorite way to label bins. If you’re looking to splurge, I also love these clip on label holders from The Container Store.

What are your favorite budget-friendly organizing products?

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