About Me

Hi there! I’m Michelle, a full time business professional, first time mom, and perpetual list maker. I’m a Florida girl, born and raised. I have a bachelors degree in Business Management and a Master’s of Business Administration. I currently work in the Human Resources Outsourcing industry and have been blessed to work from home since June 2014. I am married to my college sweetheart and in May 2018, we welcomed our sweet baby girl.

I’ve always loved discovering organizational tools and systems that simplify my life. From planners to closet organizers to life hacks – if it helps me save time and calms the clutter, I’m all about it! When we brought home our little girl, I realized just how essential organization truly is to a stress free-home (and a stress-free mama!). I knew I couldn’t be the only mom on this never-ending quest for some calm within the chaos. And so The Organizing Mama was born! My home is not Pinterest-perfect by any means, and I’m still figuring out this new world called Motherhood. But this blog is my outlet to share my journey, and I hope you’ll stick around and share with me in return!

Photo Credit: Erika Hopkins Photography